Dinosaur Flashcards

Dinosaur Flashcards

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Little Lucy's Tot School Dinosaur Flashcards are such a fun and interactive way to engage your little learner in learning activities all about dinosaurs. These focus on enhancing cognitive skills, vocabulary, and speech and language skills.

Product Includes:

16 total dinosaur matching flashcards, 8 large (5" x 7.5) and 8 small (4" x 4")

Packaged with love in a recyclable treat bag. 

Any 3 Tot School Activities for $15, discount automatically applied at checkout.

Dinosaurs Included:

T-rex, triceratops, stegosaurus, apatosaurus, microraptor, coelophysis, alioramus, and pterodactyl

This item is included in the Dinosaur Bundle, check it out here!

These flashcards are made on premium cardstock, laminated to perfection, and should not wear or tear when stored and kept properly. However, I cannot guarantee they will maintain perfection when playing with a strong willed toddler on a mission. :)

*ALL products and activities only to be used under adult supervision!*